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The Hillel sports program includes participation in over 10 team sports through the University's intramural sports program, including: broomball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, ice hockey and football. MSU Hillel also plays against the University of Michigan Hillel in a three part tournament in flag football, basketball and soccer. The winner of the tournament obtains the coveted Kaufman Cup.

For more information, contact:
Chandler Basch or Matt Schwartz

Destination Detroit: Building Bridges 

Destination Detroit is a ground-breaking initiative focused on building bridges between diverse groups through service that engages Detroit students. We strive to strengthen relationships among MSU student organizations, build strong partnerships between MSU and the city of Detroit, and perform meaningful service work at local elementary schools and community centers. MSU students provide academic, artistic, and athletic enrichment in partnership with city schools, while serving as college positive role models. Volunteers will also spend time learning about grassroots organizations, visiting Detroit landmarks, and dining at local hot spots.

For more information, contact: 
Nate Strauss 

Destination Lansing 

Destination Lansing is a groundbreaking initiative at MSU focused on building bridges between diverse interfaith student groups through meaningful service that engages Lansing students. MSU students provide academic, artistic and athletic enrichment in partnership with city schools, while serving as college positive role models. Volunteers will also spend time learning about grassroots organizations, visiting Lansing landmarks and dining at local hot spots.

For more information, contact:
Fran Wanetick 

Jewish Alternative Breaks

This exciting initiative is designed to send Jewish students from Michigan State University across the country and world, on Alternative Breaks. Students will travel to areas in need of community service. Participants will have a week of hands-on, community-based service programs. Students will have the opportunity to work with under-serviced populations, as well as on environmental and public health projects. Working along side local volunteers, students will use their hands and their hearts to fill needs in the community and create new connections and friendships.

For more information, contact:
Annie Kaplan or Kayli Silverstein 

Jewish Culture 

Celebrating Jewish artistry and culture is the central focus of Hillel's Jewish Culture organization. This group addresses what inspires our Jewish community through student art galleries, local mic nights at coffee shops, viewings of art films, cultural cooking classes, and much more.

For more information, contact: 
Mackenzie Newman

Jewish Business Association

The Jewish Business Association provides social, cultural and networking opportunities for Jewish business students. The club aims to bring its members together with other Jewish students on campus as well as serve as an educational resource for the greater business school community.

For more information, contact:
Nate Strauss

Jews In Greek Life

Jews In Greek Life (JIGL) is a student group that works closely with Hillel staff to bring together Jewish students who belong to the MSU Fraternity and Sorority community. JIGL hosts many programs and leadership opportunities including a back-to-school mixer at Pizza House, networking and internship opportunities, and a Hookah night. JIGL plans and organizes events where Jewish members, of all Greek organizations, have an opportunity to participate in Jewish events within the Greek system on campus.

For more information, contact:
Raquel Grossman or Seth Betman

Jewish Women’s Forum

The Jewish Women’s Forum provides programming for women to gather, study, learn, discuss, and celebrate themselves. With programs such as Chinese, Sex & the City, Feeding the Soul: The Jewish Perspective on Body Image and nationally recognized speakers, the Jewish Women’s Forum strives to address issues confronting Jewish women today.

For more information, contact:
Emily Hessenthaler

Jewish Law Society

The mission of the Jewish Law Society (JLS) is to promote a spirit of community among the Jewish law students and other students interested in the same at Michigan State College of Law. JLS looks to promote issues of importance to the Jewish community and is dedicated to providing cultural, social, charitable and educational programs. JLS holds social, religious, and networking events giving students the opportunity to get to know one another and also to meet established Jewish lawyers in Michigan.

For more information, contact:
Sophie Goodman

Spartans For Israel

Spartan For Israel (SFI) is MichiganStateUniversity’s pro-Israel advocacy group. SFI strives to educate, inform and engage students, faculty members and the MSU community at large about a multitude of Israel related issues. SFI coordinates social, educational and political events. Spartans For Israel sheds light on both the current conflict in the Middle East as well as additional Israel-related topics.

For more information, contact:
Graham Wise


This social justice student group is based on the Jewish values of tzedakah and tikkun olam (repairing the world). Tzedek provides opportunities to interact with speakers, perform community service projects, and advocate for issues. This group is designed to educate students in order to transform the culture of campus and the greater community.

For more information, contact:
Sam Yarsike


Mishpocha is the Jewish LGBT group at MSU. Mishpocha provides a relaxed atmosphere where transsexual, bisexual, lesbian, gay and queer students from a wide spectrum of Jewish backgrounds can feel comfortable. Mishpocha does joint programming, including movie nights and Pride Week events, with the LGBT office at MSU. Mishpocha also sponsors guest speakers to lead discussions on topics that affect the LBGT community at Michigan State.

For more information, contact:
Rabbi Becca Walker 

Team Israel Program Committee (TIPC)

Team Israel Programming Committee (TIP-C) is the committee for all things Israel. TIP-C’s largest program is Israel Fest, an annual cultural festival co-sponsored by ASMSU on campus each Fall. Whether it is a speaker, Israeli movie night or a program showcasing Israeli culture; TIP-C strives to educate the MSU community about Israel, Israeli society and Israeli culture.

For more information, contact:
Wendy Starr 

TEVA Outdoor Group

TEVA is committed to engaging Jewish students in outdoor and environmental programming. Past events have included rock climbing, campfire havdallah celebrations, local gardening projects and more. Additionally, TEVA plans our annual Alternative Spring Break to New Orleans. 

For more information, contact:
Seth Rosen 

Jewish Pre-Medical Student Association

JPMSA is a student-run organization aiming to provide Jewish undergraduates with the opportunities and information needed to be a successful medical school applicant. Past events have included medical student panels, Jewish learning focused on the topic of medicine and health, annual blood drives and more.

For more information, contact:
Danielle Sherman