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Hillel offers yearlong internships for outstanding college students at the Michigan State University. Interns gain a unique opportunity to affect many aspects of Jewish campus life while receiving an excellent professional and learning experience. Hillel interns will be responsible for coordinating, organizing and executing programming in their specific program area.

An ideal intern will be a student active in campus life with strong interpersonal skills, a commitment to Hillel and Jewish life on campus and a strong desire to develop programming for campus. Interns will work closely with a Hillel professional as their supervisor. Listed below are brief descriptions of each internship position.

Athletic Interns

Will Bloomberg & Allie Lumberg

The Athletics Intern will work to coordinate all athletic efforts at MSU Hillel. This intern will organize intramural sports teams, plan tournament events, and assist in the Ryan Rosman (z'l) Memorial Student Broomball Tournament. 

Birthright Israel Interns

Birthright Israel Interns help to organize and implement creative and engaging post Birthright Israel programming. Additionally, the Birthright Interns helps to recruit participants for MSU Hillel's Taglit-Birthright Israel trips.

DeRoy Foundation/Langer Community Building Intern

Zach Bennett, Shelby Michaels, and Melanie Soverinsky

Our Community Building Committee is a group of students who work together as a team to grow Jewish life at MSU and to get their peers involved with Hillel. CBC Interns engage sophomores, juniors and seniors and help to create vibrant, thriving Jewish life. This is the position for students who are outgoing, well connected and excited about creating an inclusive community on campus. 

DeRoy Foundation/Langer multimedia Intern 

Sydni Rotenberg

The Langer Graphics Intern produces publicity tools to advertise Hillel events. These tools include, but are not limited to, the Hillel calendar, fliers, event invitations, etc. All projects are assigned and overseen by Hillel staff.

Destination Lansing Interns

Amanda Makemson and Camryn Saltzman 

Destination Lansing is a groundbreaking initiative at MSU focused on building bridges between diverse interfaith student groups through meaningful service that engages Lansing students. MSU students provide academic, artistic and athletic enrichment in partnership with local charities, while serving as college positive role models. Volunteers will also spend time learning about grassroots organizations, visiting Lansing landmarks and dining at local hot spots. Destination Lansing is generously sponsored by MSUFCU.

jewish learning fellowship interns 

Jacqueline Forman and Carly Sheer

The Jewish Learning Fellowship (JLF) is a 10-week experiential, conversational seminar for undergraduate students looking to deepen their understanding of Judaism on their own terms. JLF interns help recruit new students for the seminars, work with our Rabbinic Advisor to plan sessions and handle logistical aspects of the program. 

jewish learning Intern

Nicole Ruza


Relationship Building Interns

Relationship Building Interns focus on relational advocacy (creating genuine and lasting relationships) to build mutually beneficial relationships with other campus communities. Bringing Israel into the conversation, these interns partner with various campus organizations on programs that highlight Israels many achievements. 

Ryan Rosman (z'l) Engagement Interns

Max Pollock, Lindsay Rabinowitz, and Michael Soversinsky

Engagement Interns work to get new and uninvolved students active in MSU Hillel and the Jewish Student Union. A friendly face on campus, the Engagement Interns work closely with freshmen students to help make their first year at MSU a welcoming and positive experience.

Ryan Rosman (z'l) Jewish Business Association Intern

Mitch Blackman

The Jewish Business Association represents the interests of Jewish undergraduates studying business at MSU. Supervised by Hillel professionals, the Ryan Rosman (z’l) Jewish Business Association Leadership Intern and the Ryan Rosman (z'l) Jewish Business Association Entreprenurial Fund Intern work closely with Hillel professionals to cultivate JBA membership and organize programming of interest to JBA members and the larger Jewish student community. 

Stand With Us Emerson Fellow

With a generous grant from Rita and Steve Emerson, the StandWithUs Emerson Fellowship is a prestigious one-year fellowship program that recruits, trains, educates, and inspires pro-Israel college students to become an elite cadre of leaders on college campuses across North America. StandWithUs Emerson Fellows form a network of trained pro-Israel student leaders, chosen from 100 campuses, who utilize their skills and energy to inspire their peers to run effective, dynamic educational events that bring Israel’s message to their campuses. 

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