Jewish student union

The Jewish Student Union (JSU) at Michigan State University is a voting member of ASMSU, MSU’s student government. Hillel (a non-university organization) and the JSU have a superior working relationship and join forces to create an energetic Jewish presence on campus.

The primary objective of the Jewish Student Union is to provide Jewish students with opportunities to explore their cultural and ethnic experiences. The JSU has many different umbrella groups that have regular and free programs open to the entire student body, faculty and staff at MSU. The JSU annually sponsors Welcome Week Events, Israel Fest, concerts, and many other programs that encompass all aspects of Jewish culture.

The goal of the JSU is to provide a wide variety of programming that caters to the interests of Jewish students and provide opportunities to explore Jewish cultural and ethnic diversity at Michigan State University. The JSU serves as the umbrella organization that supports the programs of a multitude of social, cultural and religious groups. It is co-sponsored and funded by the Associated Students of Michigan State University and the Lester & Jewell Morris Hillel Jewish Student Center. 

2020-21 Jewish Student Union Executive Board

President: Jules Levy

VP of Community Programming: Robby Ashkinazi

VP of Educational Engagement: Diane Zashin

VP of Administration: Caroline Strauss

VP of University Relations: Jordan Robinson

2020-21 Jewish Student Union Representatives 

Senior Class Representatives: Cooper Myers & Spencer Price 

Junior Class Representative: Madison Hankin & Jared Reisner 

Sophomore Class Representatives: Avery Geller & Sydni Rotenberg

First Year Students of Hillel Representative: Rachel Kramer

ASMSU Representative: Tara Lurie

RHA Representative: Jen Asmann  

2020-21 Jewish Student Union Chairs

Athletic Chairs: Jake Lubotsky & Hannah Margolis 

Challah for Hunger: Heather Sayles

Jewish Business Association: Cara Lash

Jews in Greek Life: Jacob Kats & Alex Scheier

Jewish Pre-Medical Student Association: Sydney Gordon

Jewish Women's Forum: Melanie Soverinsky

Jewish Life Chair: Sam Sklar 

Out of Towner Chair: Marnie Hackman

Social Media Chair: Lindsey Hyams

Spartans for Israel Chair: Pelli Mechnikov

Student Culture Chair: Sloane Krugel

Tzedek Community Service Chair: Hannah Passer

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