Jewish student union

The Jewish Student Union (JSU) at Michigan State University is a voting member of ASMSU, MSU’s student government. Hillel (a non-university organization) and the JSU have a superior working relationship and join forces to create an energetic Jewish presence on campus.

The primary objective of the Jewish Student Union is to provide Jewish students with opportunities to explore their cultural and ethnic experiences. The JSU has many different umbrella groups that have regular and free programs open to the entire student body, faculty and staff at MSU. The JSU annually sponsors Welcome Week Events, Israel Fest, concerts, and many other programs that encompass all aspects of Jewish culture.

The goal of the JSU is to provide a wide variety of programming that caters to the interests of Jewish students and provide opportunities to explore Jewish cultural and ethnic diversity at Michigan State University. The JSU serves as the umbrella organization that supports the programs of a multitude of social, cultural and religious groups. It is co-sponsored and funded by the Associated Students of Michigan State University and the Lester & Jewell Morris Hillel Jewish Student Center. To learn more about the JSU,
click here! 

intern with msu hillel 

Hillel offers one-year internships for outstanding college students at the Michigan State University. Interns gain a unique opportunity to affect many aspects of Jewish campus life while receiving an excellent professional and learning experience. Hillel offers five distinct opportunities for students to serves as interns. Hillel interns will be responsible for coordinating, organizing and executing programming in their specific program area.

An ideal intern will be a student active in campus life with strong interpersonal skills, a commitment to Hillel and Jewish life on campus and a strong desire to develop programming for campus. Interns will work closely with a Hillel professional as their supervisor. The Hillel professional and intern will decide on appropriate hours for the internship. To learn more about internships at MSU Hillel, click here! 

Shabbat at msu hillel 

We will be offering two options for Shabbat during the 2020-21 academic year - Shabbat-to-Go and Hosting! 

Celebrate Shabbat in the comfort and safety of your home! All Shabbat-to-Go participants will receive a Shabbat Kit during their first pick-up and a delicious home cooked meal to go. Click here to sign up!  

Students wishing to celebrate Shabbat with their friends may also choose to host. Student hosts can get reimbursed for their groceries, for up to 10 people ($10 per person). Click here to sign up! 


We gratefully acknowledge the Shirlye (z'l) and Peter (z'l) Helman Shabbat Dinner Fund and the Ryan Rosman (z'l) Leadership Fund for support of Hillel's Shabbat Meal Program

holidays at msu hillel

MSU Hillel runs a full program of services and meals for the High Holidays, Passover, and other festivals and holidays.  During Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Hillel hosts services plus special holiday meals.  For more about High Holiday meals and to RSVP, please email Other holidays are celebrated with programs, services, and dinners depending on where they fall within the academic calendar.

At Passover, Hillel hosts seders on the first and second nights, as well as lunch and dinner every day. We gratefully acknowledge Sigma Delta Tau Sorority and the Phyllis and Richard Bleznak Passover Holiday Celebration Endowment Fund for support of Hillel's Passover Seders.

how to get involved

It is extremely easy to get involved with MSU Hillel. Whether you join us for one of the many events we offer each week or enjoy Shabbat services and dinner on a Friday night, come and visit us at our home at 360 Charles Street. We invite you to become a part of any of our diverse student groups to plan events, promote social change, or just hang out with other MSU students.

At the beginning of each semester MSU Hillel hosts several programs to welcome students back to campus. Hillel provides a variety of venues where students come to meet one another, current student leaders and staff. Students join Hillel groups to help implement projects and events throughout the year. Many students even propose their own programs, with Hillel providing the structure and support to make them happen.

If you're interested in getting involved, please email Robyn, or fill out this form

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